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About Our Ranch

Walking CJ Ranch is a family-owned cattle company dedicated to providing high-quality custom beef raised with the customers preferences. With a deep-rooted commitment to the humane treatment of animals, we believe that a superior quality of life for our animals directly translates into exceptional meat. Our animals are raised on lush pastures, ensuring that your dining experience remains both delicious and ethically sound. In addition to beef we also raise other livestock to order on a limited basis, including pork and lamb.

In addition to our premium meat offerings, Walking CJ Ranch also leases property to assist landowners in utilizing their pasture effectively without the burden or risk of caring for cattle themselves. We understand the challenges faced by landowners who wish to maximize their properties while preserving their time and resources. Our goal is to create a cooperative network of small farmers committed to providing the highest quality meats to their families and our community.

What we do

High Quality Beef

Raised to Order

We'll raise your beef the right way with options on genetics and finishing. Call today for availability and to get on the waiting list.

Pasture Leasing

Lease your land to trustworthy and humane ranchers and oversee your animals throughout their life

What our customers say

steak dinner
Sage B
“Love them chops” “tenderloin was amazing” “lovin’ the t-bone” “Bacon is sooooo good”
Angel A
Felt like a warm hug for my tastebuds.
Chris H
It's not even worth getting beef at the grocery store anymore.

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We prefer to talk to our customers to keep things personal and maintain accountability. Call now to get on our waiting list or learn more.

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rancher John Hicks

John is a second generation farmer on the Walking CJ Ranch property. He values strong integrity and stands by his word and quality guarantee. He's a father, family man, and a great friend to his community.